ribs & babies

Summer is officially in session, which is kind of blowing my mind. We had our first Ireland trip meeting today, and I can already tell that this team is going to be super fun, which means the trip is going to be awesome. I feel like so much has been going on that I haven’t really thought much about the summer. But now that we are in June, it’s all starting to hit me. All at once.

Last Monday we partied it up with Ryan’s family for Memorial Day. Unfortunately the weather was super overcast and it ended up raining for majority of the day, but that didn’t keep us out of the pool and hot tub. We had a great time and ate some awesome food.

Speaking of the food, Ryan participated in a competition against his uncle and one of his aunts for a rib cook-off. The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed getting to feast on delicious ribs and vote on our favorite. They numbered the ribs: 1, 2, and 3, and had us vote on our favorite without knowing who made which kind. You guys, my huz won! For real. He worked so hard on these things and spent a day reading up on the whole process that goes into making the perfect ribs. He even made his own barbecue sauce, which we thankfully had leftovers of and used on everything we ate.

Here are some pics of our fun:



Last night we got to babysit for our good friends, Josh and Jamie, and spend time with their sweet boys, Noah and Levi. These kids are just the cutest! We had a lot of fun playing, feeding them dinner, giving them baths, and getting them ready for bed. Just call us the baby whisperers.

DSC_0227clearly underwhelmed at my attempts to get them to open their mouths.

DSC_0231what a little heart breaker. (Levi)

DSC_0260those eyes! (Noah)


So fun. These little guys have the best personalities, and it’s so great to watch them interact with each other. We had a blast. Can you believe they’ll be 1 soon? Crazy!

We’ve had a great week, and are looking forward to what’s to come! We’ve got Destin, Houston 1:8, Ireland, and a weekend getaway with my fam in Arkansas all happening in the next couple of months. Oh, and you’ll be hearing from me soon about a new endeavor we’re about to take on in the Fall with Apartment Life! Stay tuned for more adventures of the Butterfri (can’t remember who exactly came up with that one, but I’m lovin’ it).