from blue to green

In 6 short days we leave for Ireland! I truly can’t believe it. Life has been on fast forward for what seems like all year. We had our last trip meeting today, and it just hit me that this time next week I will be in one of the most beautiful places on earth! God is good. You can read more about our trip here. If you would like to give towards our trip and our team’s efforts, you can do that here.

We got to meet the pastor we’ll be working with over Skype during our meeting today, and I am so excited about what God has in store. They are extremely busy receiving 2 other teams before we arrive within the next few days, and definitely have their work cut out for them. Keep them in your prayers as they are the ones on the ground long after we come and go from Sligo. If you’d like a copy of the prayer calendar for their church, let me know and I will gladly get it to you!


As you’ll remember from my last post, Ryan and I got to spend a week in Destin with his family. It was such a relaxing time, and really great quality time with the fam. We both felt really thankful for the trip this year. It was perfect timing, and a break we know is purely a gift, enjoying the Creator’s work and worshipping him for his beauty. While there, I made one of our cousins follow me to the shoreline during sunset so I could snap those incredible colors behind her pretty face. Here are a few we came out with:











And I handed her the camera and had her snap one of me too. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m still a dancer.



You can find more photos from our trip here.

We’ve had a summer full of adventure, and still have so much ahead of us! Stay tuned for some photos of green grass and excited Americans. :)

beach work

The weather here in Destin has been so perfect. Last year we had a week full of storms, so we have fully enjoyed the sunshine and clear water this time around.

I’ve gotten a few great workouts in, and wanted to share one with you! Here’s a full body workout you can perform almost anywhere with using no other equipment but your body! Let me know if you give it a try!

You’ll perform each of these exercises for 50 seconds a piece. If you don’t have a watch, just do 10-15 reps of each. After each exercise, sprint for 20 seconds (10 seconds in one direction, 10 seconds back… try to pass your starting position in the last 10 seconds of your sprint for a challenge!).

Start out with a Squat and Calf Raise. Watch those knees and make sure they don’t pass your toes. Keep your chest up.
Work for 50 seconds, then immediately go into your 20 second sprint.

Squat and Calf Raise


Next up is a Star Jump Burpee. Same thing as a regular Burpee, but jump up into a Star Jump on the way up. Again, work for 50 seconds and then go right into your 20 second sprint.

Star Jump Burpee


Hold a Plank for 50 seconds. Make sure your hips are low and your back is flat. Also, keep that neck in neutral. Immediate sprint following.



Next is Explosive Lunges. You’ll do 25 seconds on one leg leading, then 25 on the other lead. Jump for height, and try to land as softly as possible, watching that knee to make sure it doesn’t pass your toe. Follow it with the sprint!

Explosive Lunges

Go right into a Reverse Pushup. This pushup is for your triceps, shoulders, and back. You’ll start with a tricep pushup, keeping your elbows in to where they are brushing your sides on the way down. Hold it there, and keeping your hips as low as possible, drive through the palms of your hands and push your body backwards, towards your feet. From there, move back into the plank position and start again. And of course, follow with your sprint!

Reverse Pushups

After that one is a Hamstring Walk. Start on your back with your arms at your sides, and lift your hips. Walk your legs out, taking about 3-4 steps out, and then back in. Follow with a sprint!

Hamstring Walk

And finish it up with a bicycle crunch. Instead of making big circles with your legs like a typical bicycle movement, try pointing and reaching that straight leg hard. Hold for half a second and switch. Jump up and finish the set with your sprint.


Take a 60 second – 2 min break and start again, 2-3 times total. Make sure to drink tons of water before your workout!


Here’s a couple yoga poses just for fun!

DSC_0572 - Version 2




Well, hey there. As you’ve figured out through reading this, I have not died. June did give me a run for my money, though. I don’t know why I always forget how crazy June is. Ryan and I are all over the place most of July, so this June was especially busy with preparation for our absence. But I did survive June, and am living to tell about it.

As I type this I am in the car driving (actually, Ryan’s driving) to Destin, FL. Thanks to having a husband in IT, I bring you this post. Ryan’s family goes to Florida every year on the July 4th week, and we are blessed to hop on board with their tradition. I am looking forward to running on that white beach tomorrow morning.

Here’s a rundown of our June adventures. This month we:

  • Said goodbye to 2 sets of friends moving away
  • Hired a new admin & preschool director for the Downtown Campus (my workplace)
  • Had an all-day training for CARES (the Apartment Life ministry we’ll be starting in Oct)
  • Helped some friends that are already a CARES team host an event for their residents
  • Hosted our first Downtown Campus Prayer & Praise Night
  • Hung out with one of my dearest friends (& bridesmaid in my wedding!) who is a brilliant photographer living in Chicago
  • Hosted a reception for some friends that got married in Puerto Rico last month (and baked 8 dozen cookies for it)
  • Celebrated a few birthdays for friends & family
  • Rearranged the office, and Ryan built more pallet walls to accommodate
  • Planned Houston 1:8 (with our awesome site leaders) to be ready for me not being present for half of it
  • And my dad accepted a job in Orlando & my parents are moving this weekend!

Not to mention, you know, work and teaching classes. :) Told ya June had me busy. I’ve also moved most of my personal workouts to the morning time at 6a because it seems to be the only time I can actually get a good workout in with my schedule. If you know me, you know that the fact I can be aware enough of what’s going on that early in the morning, and can make it to the gym and move in a coordinated manor as to perform exercises is almost a miracle. People can change, y’all. And God’s grace is pretty impressive in my life at 5:20a as of late.

Here are some pics to go along with some of our June-ness. I’ll let you know how Destin is (Ps. It’s going to be fabulous).

Carly, our new admin:

photo 1 (2)

Office Rearranging:

photo 2 (2)

Ryan, the popcorn man at our friends’ CARES event:

photo 3 (1)


Our cousin, Kate’s birthday lunch with the girls at Rainforest Cafe:

photo 4

Praise & Prayer Night:




Peter & Karenie’s Reception: DSC_0369


DSC_0372Guys… you HAVE to try these Cookie Butter Cookies. You won’t regret it.




Hope y’all have had a super fun summer so far! I’ll be back with photos of sand and water, and maybe even a yoga pose or two and a beach workout. :)