beach work

The weather here in Destin has been so perfect. Last year we had a week full of storms, so we have fully enjoyed the sunshine and clear water this time around.

I’ve gotten a few great workouts in, and wanted to share one with you! Here’s a full body workout you can perform almost anywhere with using no other equipment but your body! Let me know if you give it a try!

You’ll perform each of these exercises for 50 seconds a piece. If you don’t have a watch, just do 10-15 reps of each. After each exercise, sprint for 20 seconds (10 seconds in one direction, 10 seconds back… try to pass your starting position in the last 10 seconds of your sprint for a challenge!).

Start out with a Squat and Calf Raise. Watch those knees and make sure they don’t pass your toes. Keep your chest up.
Work for 50 seconds, then immediately go into your 20 second sprint.

Squat and Calf Raise


Next up is a Star Jump Burpee. Same thing as a regular Burpee, but jump up into a Star Jump on the way up. Again, work for 50 seconds and then go right into your 20 second sprint.

Star Jump Burpee


Hold a Plank for 50 seconds. Make sure your hips are low and your back is flat. Also, keep that neck in neutral. Immediate sprint following.



Next is Explosive Lunges. You’ll do 25 seconds on one leg leading, then 25 on the other lead. Jump for height, and try to land as softly as possible, watching that knee to make sure it doesn’t pass your toe. Follow it with the sprint!

Explosive Lunges

Go right into a Reverse Pushup. This pushup is for your triceps, shoulders, and back. You’ll start with a tricep pushup, keeping your elbows in to where they are brushing your sides on the way down. Hold it there, and keeping your hips as low as possible, drive through the palms of your hands and push your body backwards, towards your feet. From there, move back into the plank position and start again. And of course, follow with your sprint!

Reverse Pushups

After that one is a Hamstring Walk. Start on your back with your arms at your sides, and lift your hips. Walk your legs out, taking about 3-4 steps out, and then back in. Follow with a sprint!

Hamstring Walk

And finish it up with a bicycle crunch. Instead of making big circles with your legs like a typical bicycle movement, try pointing and reaching that straight leg hard. Hold for half a second and switch. Jump up and finish the set with your sprint.


Take a 60 second – 2 min break and start again, 2-3 times total. Make sure to drink tons of water before your workout!


Here’s a couple yoga poses just for fun!

DSC_0572 - Version 2



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