jude | 5 months

Jude - 5 Months copy

Our happy boy is 5 months! This month has been extra fun, as Jude is now interacting with us a ton, and has become so expressive. He thinks Ryan is just the funniest person ever, and it is super cute to watch them play together. Jude’s favorite games are peek-a-boo and patty cake. He’ll watch Ryan hide behind something and look around for him until he pops back out, squealing with excitement! Music is definitely a love, and he is captivated if you sing to him. He’s still mostly happy, unless of course, he’s not, thanks to teething. Still no visible teeth cutting, but we imagine they’ll be making an appearance soon. Drool everywhere and so much chomping on anything he can get ahold of. Jude really enjoys being naked, and his favorite time of the day is just after his bath when daddy lets him lay on his towel naked (risky business). Such a boy… he loves to be free. He’s also discovered a much louder voice, and thinks it’s the best to squeal and scream. That’s especially fun in a quiet waiting room or in line at the store. At least he’s happy, right?

Jude had his first swimming experience over Memorial Day weekend! We weren’t sure how he would do since the pool is much cooler than a bath, but he had a blast! He looked very comfortable in the water, and was kicking his feet and splashing with his hands almost the whole time. It was pretty adorable.


We recently got to hang out with my brother and sis-in-law, which was a fun surprise! The last time they saw Jude was back in February, so it was fun getting to catch up and for Jude to hang out with them again. We’ll probably be seeing Aunt Tina a lot this summer since she’s here for a while teaching at a summer camp!


In a few weeks, we’re headed to Orlando to visit my parents, and we’re all very excited! Vacation cannot come soon enough! Looking forward to all that the next month holds. We’ll probably have some photos of messy solid food adventures on the next update. And Sunday will be Ryan’s first Father’s Day! So looking forward to celebrating that day together.