here we go again!

The Butterfrases have a special announcement: we’re moving to Kansas City! And we’re moving in about a month!

We’ve had this move in mind for some time now, but were originally thinking next summer. Through the pandemic, Ryan’s job has gone remote indefinitely, which allowed us to really start thinking in this direction. With Jude starting Kindergarten this fall, we felt moving this summer instead of next would be the best decision for our family. This is definitely more accelerated than we anticipated, but things are really happening now, and as we check things off our to-do list we get more and more excited.

Why Kansas City? This move brings us closer to all of our family, but especially Tiffany’s brother and sister-in-law. The idea of our kids getting to live close to their cousins is something we’ve always dreamed of, and although it’s not ALL their cousins, we’ll take what we can get. ;)

This is absolutely a bittersweet move. Ryan has built some of the best friendships at Compassion, and I (Tiffany) have worked at a club that feels more like family than a gym. We have all grown so much during our time in Colorado. When we moved here, Jude was 15 months old and started walking the day we got here! Two years later, Jake was born, and we brought him home to the house we realize is the only home either of our kids know/remember. Four years doesn’t seem like a lot until we think about all the life lived. We’ve gained some of the richest friendships, and we’ve both grown and advanced in our careers more than we could’ve imagined. We have learned, healed, walked through hard and sometimes scary times with friends, been poured into when we felt hopeless, laughed, cried, been challenged, welcomed life and mourned death, and have had some pretty amazing hikes in these four years.

To our Colorado friends: thank you so much for embracing us and inviting us into your lives. Your friendships have been sweet and a balm to our souls. You have helped us heal in ways we didn’t know we needed, and have shown us community and belonging.
To my Villa family: thank you for being the best part of my day, every day I got to spend with you. You have made me a better instructor, and have encouraged me to bring the best parts of myself to everything I do. You have helped grow my idea of health and fitness, and your energy and readiness to work hard (even in masks) made me excited for every single class I got to spend with you.
To our Compassion Family: you brought us to Colorado, and you opened so many doors for our family. Thank you for not only caring for Ryan, but truly caring for our entire family. You are a gift, and we are so thankful we get to stay with you and have the best of both worlds by being with you, and being near our family as well.

Here we come, KC. We aren’t sure what all is waiting for us, but we know it includes great BBQ and lots of red and gold!

Photo by Angelique Humcke

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