spring wreath


It’s starting to warm up here in Houston. Anyone who’s lived in Houston for a good amount of time knows that the end of February/early March usually means “experience all four seasons in one week” time of year. Not exaggerating, we’ve had low 40’s-mid 80’s in the past 7 days. This morning was beautiful, and the hubs and I went on a short run to get out in it. Well, I am sad to see the cooler weather go, but I’m excited about the Spring, and I hung my Spring wreath yesterday in honor of the mid-70’s. :) This wreath was incredibly easy, so there’s a possibility that I might also make an “Easter” wreath when that time comes around. We shall see.

This wreath I made using an embroidery hoop for the base. It actually worked out well because the hoop I used had a pretty thick wooden side where the “collar” is. I hot glued the thick ends of the greenery I used onto that wooden collar, which just gave it a more secure hold.

I used twine to hang it, so I started out by hot gluing the twine to the hoop, wrapping it several times. The very last time I made a little knot through the top piece so that the end would be secure and in the middle of the hoop’s width.


Next, I simply hot glued the main stem of the greenery onto the hoop. I didn’t glue any of the other stems branching off of the main one because I wanted it to be loose and flowy. It’s not very heavy, so I’m not too worried about the hold.


As I said before, I glued the thick parts of the “branches” onto the collar of the hoop, ensuring extra hold.


Now, for the flowers, since I made them on floral wire (using this tutorial), I simply wrapped the wire around the hoop, no hot glue involved. I did this on purpose because I might want to use these flowers again for another project. Easy to put on, and easy to take back off.


That’s it! This wreath is so easy and customizable. Since the flowers are not permanent, I might even add more colors or different kinds of flowers. Who knows… it mostly depends on how busy the next few weekends are. :)


Hope you enjoy this weather (if you’re in the south), and have a great weekend! Learn something new today. :)

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