rodeo | cheat day

Ryan and I had a fantastic time at the rodeo yesterday. This was our cheat day, and though it will look like we did not hold back when you see these pictures, believe me… we did. Next year we decided we need to go more than once so we can try all the crazy stuff without stuffing our faces in one day (fried Nutella and chocolate dipped bacon is already on next year’s list).

My sister texted me and asked how we feel after eating all that junk. Are we sick? The answer is: nope. Hahaha. We feel completely fine, and other than crashing from a sugar high a few hours later and feeling really fat, we don’t feel bad at all. Kinda strange, I do admit. Not complaining though.

For your enjoyment:

DSC_0502Bacon Wrapped Sausage on a Stick. The only “real food” we had at the rodeo, and soooo good.

DSC_0503This stand had our favorite food of the day. Winner.

fried whatFried Pecan Pie and Dough-E-Oreo (Fried Oreos with Cookie Dough inside). Both of these were soooo soooooo goooood.

DSC_0509Fried Nutter Butters. Ryan said this wasn’t one of his favs, but remember that peanut butter is one of my favorite things, and I haven’t had it in 2 weeks. I gave it a 10. :)


Custom ConfectionsCustom Confections – Frosty Bite: Lemon Cream Cupcake with Vanilla Ice Cream inside
This one was really good (obviously… look at my face), but I can’t lie to you, this was not the best one of the day. It won an award on a rodeo food list, so we tried it. They had a banana sundae with rum sauce that I think would have been better. Next time. :)

Ryan wanted to try this pizza that won an award for strangest food… apparently it’s topped with scorpions, grasshoppers or meal worms. So nasty. We decided against the pizza, as the amount of desserts we wanted to try won over (thank God).

Ready to take on this last week of (strict) clean eating and hit it hard. And totally ready to bring back fruit and nuts next week! Happy Monday!

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