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This weekend, Ryan took me on a date… or rather, a day full of adventures. I drew a popsicle stick at the beginning of this month from the Jar O’ Dates he gave me for Christmas, and the clue was, “AROO! AROO! AROO!” And anyone who knows Sparta knows that clue can only mean one thing. Ps. Most of these photos were taken with my phone, so sorry if some pics are blurry!

Here lie the tales of the adventures of our day (I do love that we can relish in this geeky interest together).

During my morning time with God, I found the first message of the day in my devo:

IMG_7955Note here: 300 + The Office quotes = guarantee of a good day

After breakfast, we geared up with snacks and drove to Memorial Park. There, I received my “Spartan Training”. Aka throwing a spear at a watermelon in an open field with bluebonnets nearby.



Ryan is a lot better at this than I am. Nevertheless, we both speared the thing, and I found the second message.

clue 2

What is Wes Lands?
We put the spear back in the car, and started running. I did not know where we were running to, but we ran. We ended up at the Edwards Theater about 2.5 miles away from the running track. And guess what movie we saw???


You are correct, sir! We saw 300: Rise of an Empire! And yes, I did eat a Snickers Ice Cream Bar at 10:45a.
Apparently, Ryan’s first idea was to run to a movie theater on Weslayan St, which was 5 miles each way (explaining Wes Lands). I’m glad he remembered there was another movie theater half the distance away from us.


This right here is one of the many perks of seeing a movie at 11a. This and the ticket prices. Here I am in an empty movie theater with my ice cream in my right hand. Bliss.
The movie was great as expected, other than a really weird and kind of confusing sex scene. That with the violence, don’t take your kids to this movie, people.

After the movie, we ran back to the park, and were accompanied by these beauties:


Here we are with me eating a banana, which is totally picture worthy since I hadn’t had one in 3 weeks:


Aaaaand lunch:

IMG_7983All I can say is, praise Jesus for fruit and peanut butter

We purposefully relaxed for the afternoon, since we are so busy all the time and sometimes feel like our weekends wear us out more than help us to recharge!

IMG_7984I asked Ryan after opening this, “Hmm, how did you know you would think I would look amazing?” He replied with, “Had a feeling.” Smart man.

IMG_7985Note spear still in back seat. And in honor of Sparta, a hand-crocheted headband. Leather would’ve been more appropriate, but whatevs.

We got ready for dinner, and Ryan brought me to a place we’d never been to before but have wanted to try for a while. We absolutely LOVED it! The ambiance is in my opinion, to die for. Hearsay is a historic building built in 1889, renovated into an industrial restaurant with classy style. The chandelier in the middle of the dining area pulls in a romantic feel, and the decor is simplistic and clean. The food was sooooo good! Definitely will be back to this place in the near future. Oh! And sit in the balcony if you can.

DSC_0518 - Version 2


And for all of you waiting for what comes next, because you know how much I love dessert (and might love it even more when I’m not able to have it for 3 weeks)…… We bring you Fat Cat Creamery. This was AMAZING. It’s an ice cream shop in the heights that uses mostly local ingredients, namely the cream, eggs, and milk. The texture was different than typical ice creams, and it wasn’t overly sweet, but sooo creamy! And the waffle cone is by far the best cone I have ever had. I had the hardcore chocolate and peanut butter, and Ryan had the milk chocolate stout. Guys, go check this place out. Some of the BEST ice cream I have ever tasted. And you know me and ice cream.

fat cat

We were thoroughly stuffed after the last trip, and called it a night. This date was full of new things, and they all turned out to be some new favs of mine! Love when that happens.

What are some things you love to do, and who do you do those things with? It’s so fun to share common interests with my hubs, and have a whole day of enjoying those things together! Go find someplace new, and give it a try! Make an adventure out of your hobbies, even if they’re a little geeky! We had a blast, and I’m already looking forward to next month’s popsicle stick. :)

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