humble beginnings

Well, this post is a little late, but things have been a bit crazy around here. I, along with many of you, have been trying to kick this allergy attack for almost 2 weeks now. Isn’t it kind of frustrating how much allergies affect a person? I mean, if feels like it shouldn’t be a valid sickness, cuz it’s just allergies! But for real, I have had countless headaches, tiredness, and even loss of appetite and stomach pain due to these stupid allergies! Not to mention trouble breathing and hearing. Minor issues. :)

Anyway. This past weekend Ryan and I went on our second outing drawn from the Jar O’ Dates, and the clue was “Humble Beginnings”. Ryan recreated our first date, which was super fun to walk down memory lane together. Can you believe it’s been 4 years since that first date? For real. Actually, 4 years ago TOMORROW. Say what? Kinda fun how that worked out.



Our first stop was to Main Street Theater. On our first date, we saw Willy Wonka, and this time we saw James and the Giant Peach. A little fact about me: I love plays, and I usually am more interested in plays that are adapted from children’s stories. If you’ve never read the books or watched the movies, both of these stories are kind of strange, but brilliant nonetheless. Both really great!

Then & now…

Date 1we were kind of… chubby, no?

After the play, we went to Sambuca and hung out there for a long while. They have a live band every weekend, which is super fun. On our first date they had a jazz band; this time was classic rock.

Date 2I’m really glad we’re not quite as awkward as we used to be… or chubby.

Ok, so I know you all are now wondering if we repeated our first date bet and if Ryan jumped into a lake again. I’m sorry to tell you that it didn’t happen, but our excuse is that the lake he jumped into the first time is no longer there, and there’s now an apartment complex in its place. Haha. Sorry, we apparently got more lame over the past 4 years. We opted to go eat ice cream at Amy’s Ice Creams. Even though I know you may be disappointed, I really feel like it was a better choice (also, if Ryan would have jumped into a lake again, this time he’d be coming home with me, all slimy and nasty… last time that was not the case). :)


This weekend was so fun, and also full of gatherings with some crazy fun friends. This coming weekend we get to celebrate my sis-in-law’s birthday (which is tomorrow), and also Ryan’s aunt’s birthday! Kristin sadly is super sick right now, but we are hoping she gets better by Friday so we can party it up! To your health, sis. ;)

photoSpartan Beast – aka voluntary torture

I hope you get to go do something fun, and maybe crazy this weekend! Take a hike down memory lane and take a moment to thank God for where He has brought you! He is so good.

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