This weekend we went out on a date with the theme pulled from the good ole Jar O’ Dates. I admit I was a bit nervous when I read a popsicle stick that said #geekout. I had no idea what to expect. Ryan is really good at planning dates for us. Just sayin. Even with a geeky theme we had a crazy fun date.

We geared up and drove downtown, me having no idea where we were going or what to expect.


When we made it downtown and were driving around to park, I kept noticing all these people dressed up in costumes and totally decked out in a ridiculous variety of themes. It then dawned on me that all of these people were headed to the same place we were headed to, and I asked Ryan if he’s taking me to a nerd-fest. His answer: “Hahahaha, pretty much.”

Comicpalooza. That is what it was called. If you are interested in joining in on this craziness, they are there til tomorrow (Monday). It is really great people watching and we had a lot of fun (that I definitely was not expecting).

But I want to share with you the highlight of my day/week/month/possibly year. Like I said, I had no idea what we were doing at Comicpalooza, let alone if I would enjoy any part of it other than the people watching (we really like people watching). BUT God in His sovereignty, and Ryan in his keen planning saw it fit to guide me over to a booth that held Cary Elwes. Now if you don’t know who this is, shame. But I will be kind to you and tell you that he played Westley in The Princess Bride. If you don’t know what The Princess Bride is, I can’t help you. All I can say is don’t tell anyone you’ve never heard of it and go watch it right now. And then buy the book and read it. Because it’s just as fabulous.

So some celebs were sitting behind a booth with a line feeding straight out. Well, they put Cary behind a curtain and let 2 (groups) in at a time – one meeting and talking to Cary and the other paying and getting their stuff ready to meet him. While Ryan and I were in the paying portion, Cary gave me the Westley look. Oh, you know what I’m talking about.

This one:


Yep. I am not making this up. Ryan stood there and witnessed the whole thing. He couldn’t even be mad at him because the guy is so dang nice (he was just jealous Cary didn’t look at him like that). ;) Cary called us a lovely couple and chatted with us about Batman and how we think Ben Affleck is going to do in the new role. He joked about our matching shirts and told us if we keep it up we’re going to be wearing matching sweatsuits pretty soon. That 5 min conversation was pretty much the best it could have been, and we both might still be a little starstruck. But who cares. Freaking Westley, y’all. DSC_1101

It wasn’t until after we walked away that I had this realization: “I am one of them.” All of these nerdy people walking around and geeking out… I quickly became one of them, and I didn’t even care. I am nerdier than I think I am.

Here are more pics for your pleasure and enjoyment. You can view even more of our fun on Facebook.

DSC_1089my real question here, other than “why?” is, “what mom volunteers to dress their daughters up as mermaids and then push them around on a pallet jack all day long?”

DSC_0014Ryan’s caption: “I bet he hasn’t done a Beast

DSC_0042stormtroopers in kilts

IMG_8720catching Ryan in all his nerdy-ness, taking a picture of swords

After we left the nerd-fest, we headed to Frank’s Pizza to stuff our faces with greasy goodness before our next destination.


We then headed to Sundance Cinemas to see the new X-Men movie! Guys, this movie was so great! Best one since the very first. And if you’ve never been to Sundance, we highly recommend it. The atmosphere is awesome, you get to reserve your seats online (so no racing to the theater!), and they have a bar there, as well as the regular popcorn, soda, and candy. The best part? They serve Cloud 10 ice cream. Yep. And you can take it all in the theater. The seats are paired in twos with a bigger space between your seat and the next pair. So nobody is all up in your bizniz, AND you get to have ice cream. Win.


We had a lot of fun on this date embracing our inner nerd and sharing fun experiences that will make the best memories.

What’s your secret nerdy love? Hobby, celebrity, place/destination, interest, book, etc. Embrace it for a day and #geekout!

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