jude | 4 months

Jude - 4 Months copy

Our boy is now 4 months old, and what an exciting month it has been for him! It’s amazing to look back at just last month and realize all of the ways Jude has grown. Even his personality has developed, which makes him seem even cuter if it were ever possible. Our little bug is definitely a mama’s boy. Ask me if I mind. He’s also a snuggler – if he’s in the mood – and will nuzzle himself in my arms and give me a look that amplifies how much trouble this headstrong mama is really in. Amazing how your own baby can melt even the most stubborn of us. It is such a gift from the Lord. If I were to ever question where I stand with God, all I have to do is remember how hardheaded and stiff I can be, and how quickly all of that can dissolve just by looking at Jude. If I, so flawed and in need of mercy can love like this, how much more does the perfect and infinitely pure God love us? His love truly has little to do with us, and much to do with His own character. So grateful for that.

Speaking of His love, let me tell you about how specific His love is for us. Sometimes I am just amazed that He cares about the little things that don’t even matter. It’s like He just enjoys whispering to us, “I see you” every once in a while. This winter, before Jude was born I did what every mom should not do and browsed online for baby clothes, just looking. I came across a cardigan from Old Navy that was just adorable (ps. best baby boy clothes, y’all… it’s hard to find boy clothes that don’t have cargo pockets these days!) but could not bring myself to spend $25 on an item of clothing that Jude would probably wear like 3 times. Cardigans for newborns are cute, but totally unpractical. They’re too puffy to put on before loading into a carseat, and babies really don’t need a heavy collar. They are so little! I passed up a ton of clothes, and literally only bought one thing for Jude, which was the outfit he went home in and I took photos of him wearing (I also used a coupon for it and got it 30% off… I’m cheap). God blessed us with friends who had babies a year before Jude was born, and were so generous to pass those clothes down. I recently went to Old Navy looking for shorts, which has been a lot harder than I feel like it should be. Lo and behold, there was the cardigan, in 12-18month size! In case you haven’t put it together, that’s the size Jude will be in this winter. I snatched it up and brought it to the cash register. 97 cents, y’all! Literally said, “Are you kidding me? Thank you, Jesus.” Call it good luck or good clearance digging, but I saw that moment as the Lord telling me, “I see you.” I chose to be responsible with what we have been given, and Jesus chose to gift me with His thoughtfulness. Had I bought the cardigan to begin with, I would not have died from spending $25 I didn’t need to spend, but I would have missed out on the intimacy of Christ speaking to me and showing me that He cares. Even about the little things.


Jude is sticking to that 50th percentile, and growing at a great pace! We’re still enjoying his chunky legs and squishy cheeks. He just recently decided to flip over. He really dislikes tummy time, and although we have been doing tummy time with him daily, it lasts about 3 minutes before he face plants in defeat and loses it. However, I think he’s holding out long enough now to realize that he can control his arms under him and flip himself over. Hooray!

Jude also is ticklish under his arms and on his feet, and that’s super cute. He’s gained good control of his arms and legs, and is starting the hair grabbing phase. He also grabs the curtains hanging on the window when we change his diaper. Yayyy. He’s a fan of books, and enjoys clawing at the pages. Above all, Jude loves sitting and “standing” up because he can see everything! His exersaucer is his absolute fav, and also mom & dad’s fav because we can cook or clean while he hangs out and watches! We still have a great sleeper, and Jude is definitely the best sleeper in this family! How amazing would it be to sleep almost 11hrs every night? Baby life is nice.

This Mother’s Day was my first, and it was really fun celebrating with Ryan and Jude. Last Mother’s Day we had just found out that we were pregnant with Jude, and this Mother’s Day we got to celebrate with him! So thankful for this baby who made me a mom, and so thankful for his daddy! Ryan did some incredible cooking and baking for this day. I am a lucky woman, being married to a man who loves to cook! It is so fun being a parent with him. Hashtag blessed.

Praying that you discover the intimacy of God this week, and that you cherish those sweet moments where He whispers to you. You are so loved!

2 thoughts on “jude | 4 months

  1. He is just the cutest! btw how have I never looked at your blog? I will be doing some cyber stalking tonight. 😝

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