create today

(this awesome piece of inspiration can be purchased here)

Despite my desire to be super artsy and awesome, the 3 things I’m the worst at are illustration (by far taking the lead in things I’m bad at), painting, and song writing (poetry could also fall into this category). The first and the third I don’t even attempt anymore because I’m that bad, and instead support local artists and my artistic friends who are awesome in those things by purchasing their work. The second (painting) I only do for fun because I enjoy it (even though I would never choose to hang any of my work). Why am I telling you about my sad lack of talent in these mediums? Because I believe it’s important to express yourself through art, whether you’re good at it or not. Find something you love that requires creativity, and do it. Often. We are all artists; don’t let anyone tell you differently. I think it can be discouraging if you have super creative friends (honestly, a handfull of my friends and family are so creative that I don’t even think we see the world the same way). Not to mention the world of Pinterest… if browsing Pinterest projects don’t make you feel like you’re wasting your life with your feeble attempts in crafting, I don’t know what will. Even if you’re the most linear thinker on this planet, you’re an artist (not everyone can think as strategically as you, and that’s artistic!). It takes creativity to do everything we do.

Why is creativity so important? Because God is creative. He’s the most creative, actually. He made everything we see (including us) out of nothing! Try to one-up that one. And because He made us in His image, that means that we are also creative, and I believe it delights Him when we replicate His creativity in things that we make.

So, here’s your challenge today. Make something. Make something whether it’s good or not, and be ok with that! Not all art that professional artists make is something they love. I have lots of friends who trash a lot of their work. I dare you to do it and come back and tell me it didn’t inspire you in other areas of your life. :)

– Tiffany

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