picking flowers



“It occurred to me at once
that love gets everything it asks for
like a young girl picking flowers
in the lawn”
(Eat, Sleep, Repeat – Copeland)

These here (like my hillbilly speech?) are two of my favs of my friend Audrey. Isn’t she a beauty? Took these back in 2009 and they still remain some of my favorites. Audrey is not only gorgeous, but also a brilliant artist. If you are in the southern part of Missouri or northern Arkansas and need some art, you should totally hire her (let me know, and I’ll connect you with her!).

I love working with the sun when I snap pictures. I avoid flash like the plague, and try to take everything I can in natural light. If you’re struggling with washed out pics, try capturing everything you can outside or in a well, naturally-lit room. I bet you’ll love what you see.

Nerd alert: back in high school (and maybe still to this day, but whatevs) I was never into much of mainstream music. In fact, I wouldn’t be able to sing you any songs by Kelly Clarkson or Justin Timberlake (I literally googled “popular music in 2007” for those examples… Your welcome). I’m kind of ok with that, though. My celebrity crushes consisted of Indie and Hardcore Rock bands (haha, yes, picture me in a mosh pit.. I don’t know how I’m alive). I had a major crush on Aaron Marsh from Copeland and may or may not have had a mini breakdown when he revealed his Asian girlfriend. Anyway, the bottom pic reminds me of one of Copeland’s songs and specifically those lyrics under the picture.

Good stuff. Welp, that’s all I’ve got for now. Go on an adventure today, and don’t forget to capture the details!


(Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an awesome photographer or professional by any means. The posts that include photography are just for fun and the tips are things I’ve picked up along the way and are for those with limited resources – aka, not professional photographers)

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