an only half-crazy weekend

Yesterday was the day of the long-trained, long-dreaded, long-anticipated half-marathon. That race I’ve been (half) training for since we signed up back in May, I think? Yep, that one was yesterday. I’ve stated before that I am not a runner, but I trained for this race because I do love a good challenge, and that’s exactly what I got. :)

My sis and brother-in-law (Lynette & Gary) signed up with us, and came down from their home in Missouri for the weekend to run it. It was a great experience for all, and I’m especially proud of them, as my sister just started running last January 2013 (like, her first mile ever).

I wouldn’t say this race was harder than the Spartan Beast, but it was a different kind of difficult. In the Spartan we had obstacles, which made it harder, but also gave us a break from running. This race was just pure cardio endurance. This was the farthest I (and both my sis and bro-in-law) have ever run at one time without stopping. I finished in 2:12:04, and I’m pretty proud of that time for my first one. Mile 10-12 was definitely the hardest and there was a point where all I could think about was how badly my right hip and left knee and right calf and ankle hurt (I have bad joints). But the cheering crowd was really amazing, and their hilarious signs kept my mind pressing forward (if you have ever cheered on the street for a race like this, know that you are so appreciated and part of the reason some people don’t quit).

Here are some pics of our weekend. Gary and Lynette used to live in Houston, so we hung out with some friends at Cedar Creek on Saturday afternoon. For all the pics, you can look on my Facebook page. Here are just a few highlights…

DSC_0274we almost look like we’re taller than 5ft here

DSC_0264is Lynette getting baby fever again?

DSC_0286 - Version 2(most of) our Downtown Team!

DSC_0288 - Version 2my dear friend, and coworker, Seresa! love this lady.

finishat the finish! excuse the photo… these were taken with the phone. :)

DSC_0302a Pappasito’s celebration

unnamedand a headband that sums up the weekend well

Gary and Lynette left this afternoon, back to Missouri. It was a short visit, but packed with lots of fun and excitement. It was such a fun thing to share this half-marathon first experience with them. They are already talking about doing it again next year (crazies)! I am just so grateful for gifts like this from the Lord. He is so good!

When was the last time you did something that at one point seemed completely impossible? If you can’t remember, I challenge you to change that! It’s never too late to take on something new. Do something fun! Try something crazy. Get off the couch and pull some people up with you. It’s always worth it.

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