snow day

This past weekend has been a whirlwind, and has proven to be even busier than the last! Thursday-Saturday I had trainings for some coaching through PLACE. This was my second official training, but this time the founder of PLACE came and trained us, so it was a pretty cool weekend. I was asked to lead a 1-on-1 coaching in front of the group on Saturday since I’ve been through this before and have had some experience in the coaching process, which terrified me. I don’t enjoy speaking in front of groups, and most certainly not in front of the person who created the very thing I was going to be talking about, but the Lord is good and it turned out to be a fun time. My favorite thing about being a PLACE coach is getting to hear people’s stories and help them identify unique things they bring to the table through the way God has wired them, and affirm them in those things. If you’ve never taken PLACE, I encourage you to take the assessment, follow through with the class, and after that meet with a coach for your 1-on-1. This assessment covers personality, spiritual gifts, your abilities (which is essentially the environment in which you function best), and your passions with your life experiences. All of these together help to understand how God created you, affirms that you are not just uniquely made but NEEDED, and gives you steps to walk in freedom and pursue the things that make you come alive in order to build up the Lord’s kingdom in the best way possible (and most natural) for you.

Note: If you are interested in this assessment and class, let me know. We’re offering it at our church both at the Loop and Downtown campuses this Spring. Contact me, and I’ll connect you with the class that’s best for you!

Sunday morning we headed out to set up for our Fitness Expo! As you already know, fitness is one of my most favorite things ever, and I absolutely love that I get to teach group classes. We had a fabulous time previewing 15 min snapshots of all the classes we offer, and had tons of door prizes and giveaways. I’m not a performer, but something comes alive in me when I get to inspire people in their fitness goals and health. I just love it! You can see all the photos that Ryan and I snapped in between the classes I taught on Facebook. But here are some highlights of the fun we had…






DSC_0512 - Version 2we are so tough

Yesterday I had an all day meeting for work, following-up everything we discussed on our planning retreat. We assigned to-dos to everyone, and reported back with the information we had found. Let me just say, I am pumped about everything in store for our church in 2014. It’s going to be a great year!

Today we had a “snow day” though I have yet to see any snow. It did sleet, but it’s only about 30 degrees outside, so it’s not sticking. Nevertheless, I am glad work got called off for the day, and I’m seeing it as a gift from the good Lord, providing rest after a packed full weekend. This is the extent of our snow…

P1030101 - Version 2

I’m still in my pajamas (don’t judge), and spent the morning sipping on my coffee and reading. One of my 2014 goals is to read some classic books that I’ve never read completely through – one per month – and I’m almost done with my first one (I read a book over Christmas break too, but I’m not counting that one). It has been so refreshing and so intriguing to read the words of some brilliant minds. So much fun discovering ideas through the lens of someone else’s imagination.

I hope you got to rest today, and are soaking in this chilly weather! I don’t enjoy being cold, but I enjoy even less being hot and humid, which is majority of living in Houston, so I’m not complaining one bit. :)

I’ll leave you with a super awesome video one of our production guys put together for a Fitness Center promo. Check it out!

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